Whether you are preparing to file for bankruptcy, divorce your spouse, or draft your will, a skilled lawyer can help you protect your interests and plan for the future. Rupp-Zimmerman Law, P.C., in Fort Collins, Colorado, represents clients throughout their life span. I am attorney Jacob Rupp-Zimmerman, and as a lifetime resident of Colorado, I am committed to serving its residents and businesses.

I provide legal services in:

Personal attention and persistence are hallmarks of my firm. I take the time to discuss your goals and then aggressively pursue them.

Contact me for a free initial consultation.

Dedicated to Debt Relief

As a bankruptcy lawyer, my priority is helping Larimer County consumers and businesses resolve debt issues.

I can help you make a fresh start through Chapter 7, reorganize your business debt through Chapter 11, keep your farm under Chapter 12 and keep your home through Chapter 13bankruptcy.

Compassionate Family Law Attorney

If you are seeking a divorce or you need a modification to a child custody arrangement, you can rely on me for compassionate counsel and strong advocacy.

I have the skills to take on complex cases, and I will provide aggressive representation in negotiations or in the courtroom.

Comprehensive Tax and Estate Planning

For businesses and individuals, I offer a range of tax and estate planning services.

I handle tax planning, tax return preparation, and tax litigation. I also help individuals and families establish wills and trusts and defend them. In probate litigation, I will represent beneficiaries or the fiduciaries of an estate.

Contact me to discuss your case. My downtown Fort Collins office is conveniently located in the Opera Galleria building. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. I offer prearranged evening and weekend appointments. Major credit cards are accepted.

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