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People often hear the word bankruptcy and believe it has negative connotations. It is time to remove the stigma. Our founding fathers put bankruptcy into the Constitution because they understood that our country needs it. Innovation and growth depend on people taking risks, even when things don’t work out. At Rupp-Zimmerman Law, P.C. in Fort Collins, I can help you free yourself from debt, enabling you to pursue your future goals.

I am attorney Jacob Rupp-Zimmerman. With extensive knowledge about bankruptcy law, I represent clients throughout Larimer County in personal and commercial bankruptcy. Problem-solving defines my firm, and you can rely on me to protect your interests and help you make a fresh start.

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An Ally for Debtors

Whatever financial issues you may be facing, I will help you explore your options for getting debt relief. I focus on the solution, not the problem.

As a skilled bankruptcy lawyer, I can help you with:

After a thorough discussion with you about your debts, your assets, and your goals, I will give you the information you need to make decisions that are in your best interests. I will educate you about the property exemptions that can protect your assets, and I help you fight the foreclosure of your home or repossession of your car.

The sooner you talk to me about your debt situation, the better. Whether you have been struggling for a while or your circumstances have suddenly changed, financial pressure can lead you to make quick decisions that could have long-lasting impacts. I provide sound counsel to help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Low Cost $999 Flat-Fee Bankruptcies for People with Lower Incomes.

At Rupp-Zimmerman Law, P.C., I understand that people with lower incomes cannot always afford the higher fees that some law firms charge to file your bankruptcy. However, Bankruptcy is intended to be of the greatest help to people with lower incomes – it is meant to help such people get a fresh start. Therefore, I choose to offer low-cost Chapter 7 Bankruptcies to people with low incomes and few assets. Although there are a few other limitations, you may qualify for an $999 Chapter 7 bankruptcy based on your current annual income (calculated by looking at the past six months) and household size. Currently, the income limits are as follows:

Household Size Annual Household Income
1 $35,000
2 $45,000
3 $50,000
4 or more $55,000

Bankruptcy Alternatives

In addition to my bankruptcy services, I help clients with alternatives to bankruptcy. I can help you determine if bankruptcy is the right choice for you or if another debt management option might be better.

If you are facing significant consumer debt, I may be able to negotiate settlements with your creditors that would reduce your consumer debt. If you are unable to make your mortgage payments, I can negotiate for a modified loan agreement. If your business is struggling, I can help restructure it through a commercial workout.

Experienced Bankruptcy Representation

Contact me to discuss your case. My office is located in the Opera Galleria building in downtown Fort Collins. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. I offer prearranged evening and weekend appointments. Major credit cards are accepted.

I am a debt relief agency. I help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.